Frieda Kaplan Gross


The playful designs of NOA Fine Jewellery are the work of founder and Creative Director Frieda Kaplan Gross, however her story starts long before the inception of the House.

As a third generation jeweller, it seemed to be a pre-determined fate that she would one day work within the industry, it can be said that jewellery is in her genes.  Frieda’s grandfather started with a humble jewellery shop in Caracas, however this soon grew to three, her grandfather later returned to his native Europe where he took Frieda’s father under his wing, welcoming him into the family business.

Surrounded by jewellery from a young age, Frieda’s interest soon became her passion.  Already with a wealth of knowledge and an ingrained understanding of jewellery, Frieda looked to add to this by enrolling at GIA.  It is this mix of formal and informal training that allows Frieda to carefully consider and understand every element of the design to ensure nothing but the best is created.

Perfectly combining her love of design with a passion for diamonds, each piece is crafted to the highest standard by skilled craftsmen at her Italian atelier.  From the very first sketch, Frieda looks to create a timeless, feminine pieces, jewellery to be passed through generations and treasured forever.

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